Lyft Stardate 94415.22 Ridesharing Encounters of the Roach-Kind

FORT LAUDERDALE – Ridesharing opens so many doors for so many everyday people! You get to hear awesome stories and some incredibly funny ones too. A few days ago, I encountered *Monique on a Lyft ride to her workplace in Oakland Park. Monique was lively and energetic for a Monday morning and ready to spill the beans about one of her last Uber rides. She was like, “chil’, let me tell you about this Uber driver’s car.”

Hilarious stuff…

roach“It was like most early mornings hitching a ride on UberPool to her workplace. Monique entered the Uber drivers vehicle and to her dismay, she found herself packed in tightly in the backseat with a child seat still locked in the seat belt. Low and behold, three small roaches started to crawl up her leg and onto her arm. Monique said she almost lost her mind because she is terribly afraid of bugs. Upon arriving to work, she felt she needed to freshen up in the bathroom before starting her shift. What was just meant to be a Purell-moment turned into a “bird bath” at the sink. Here lies her moment of truth – she started to use Lyft ever since!”

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If the first thing you need to do is take a “bird bath” upon arriving to work after getting out of a Uber or Lyft vehicle, then ridesharing is sinking to an all-time low (as funny as that story may be).

Given that I always get asked about the most fascinating stories and confessions on my Lyft and Uber rides by other passengers, I shared my story about Monique and her “bird bath” a few days later with two cool college girls on a rainy day.

It was a hilarious time talking about the Monique’s “Encounters of a Roach-Kind” and her “bird bath”. Upon arriving at their destination after a major rain storm, I dropped off my college riders at home but mistakenly pulled up nbird_bathext to a puddle so I said, “sorry about that, I didn’t see the big Brz19 puddle – but it is just the right size if you want to take a bird bath”. My riders laughed out loud so hard…it was a great LyftLine experience.

Ridesharing opens the doors for so many cool encounters – some of the “roach-kind” where you might need to take quickie “bird-bath” at work before starting your day. They say, “Laughter is the best medicine” – hope you got a great dosage to help you through the day with this “Encounters of the Roach-Kind” Story!

*using an alias for passenger name to protect and respect his or her privacy.

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