Lyft Stardate 94442.81 Lyft riders are now able to earn JetBlue Points

lyft-jetblue-2FORT LAUDERDALE – Do you like to fly JetBlue? Who doesn’t – spacious seating, excellent Wi-Fi and amazing in-flight entertainment options. Now you can take your JetBlue experience to an even higher level with Lyft’s partnership with JetBlue!

lyft-jetblue3If you thought the Lyft x Starbucks partnership was awesome, you should definitely look into Lyft x JetBlue. You can earn JetBlue Points by using Lyft with on-going app integration allowing for quick airport pickups from the improved JetBlue mobile app.

You can earn 30 TrueBlue points for every airport ride you take and if you are a first time user of Lyft, you get 750 TrueBlue points or $15 just for taking your first Lyft ride.

On an annual basis, you can earn $30 to $40 towards a flight by using Lyft and by earning 30 points for every ride to and from the airport. Just keep in mind that your rewards are capped at about 1,200-point annual cap.

This is great news for Lyft Partners looking to make extra money from airport gigs this holiday season! More app integration partnerships means more foot traffic for Lyft riders at the airport. This is the second airline partnership for Lyft following their early venture in March, 2014 with Southwest Airlines.

Through app integration, you will be able to hail a ride on Lyft with the option to book Lyft from the JetBlue mobile app.

Let’s recap on your Lyft savings. So, you already know you can unlock a $50 credit with “4LYFT50“. You already know from previous posts that you can easily link your Lyft account with your Starbucks Rewards account and earn Stars all day long. Now, let’s bump it up one more notch with JetBlue.

Here is your recommended Lyft Partnership Savings strategy in a nutshell (short and sweet):

lyft-jetblue(1) Use Promo Code: “4LYFT50” and you earn a $50 ride credit instantly towards your first Lyft ride, then….

(2) Link Lyft x Starbucks so you earn 125 Stars (equivalent to $63 at participating stores) with your first Lyft ride and 5 Stars on each qualifying ride between 5 a.m to 10 a.m. weekdays, then…

(3) Link Lyft x JetBlue via the JetBlue mobile app and you earn 750 TrueBlue Points (equivalent to $15) — just for taking your first Lyft ride!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3what a great strategy for savings with Lyft!

Thanks to app integration and higher accessibility at our fingertips to great products and services like Lyft, Starbucks and JetBlue, you can conveniently tap into huge saving rewards!



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