CashEveryDay Stardate 94509.43 Finding the Light at the End of the Tunnel in your Life

FORT LAUDERDALE – A few days ago, I found myself deeply inspired by one of my Lyft riders who had suffered a debilitating stroke that caused paralysis on the left side of her face three years ago. She had to learn how to walk and to talk all over again at the golden age of 59 years old. She relied on Lyft to help her get around to run errands because the doctor hasn’t given her clearance to drive yet.

tunnel2I was going through the Miami Tunnel on my way to the Port of Miami Cruise Port last night and my mind flashed back to Annie and in that particular Moment, the Port of Miami Tunnel served as a mental footnote with no obviously no absolute comparison at all to the pain and struggle that Annie may have faced trying to learning how to walk and talk again.

I am sure that there were times when Annie wanted to give up but she had to have tunnel vision to stay true to her single-minded goal to learn to walk and talk again and regain her independence. Her tunnel vision was breeding ground for strength and perseverance. Everyone faces tough times in their lives and it is in these Defining Moments that you have to stay focused and make it through the “other end” of the tunnel.

Annie’s heroic pursuit to regain her mobility embodied a struggle where even though she didn’t see a light at the end of the tunnel for a long time, she kept digging and clawing her way through the murky adversity to regain her Light and Freedom. She refused to “settle” – she didn’t want to settle for stagnation in a wheelchair for the rest of her Life. She made a conscious choice – a Life Selection in her Mind to assess and embrace her situation, create a plan and stick to it; to dig and claw her way to results. Life is all about digging and clawing your way out of a Hole to find freedom; just like Andy Dufrense in the movie, “Shawshank Redemption” – he dug his way through miles of sewer pipe to realize his freedom on the white sand beaches of Mexico.


To survive, you have to wheedle your way, dig and claw and keep moving through Life. Take movie directors for example – they start with a few short clips and scenes and become consumed by their tunnel vision for what they want to turn out to be a great movie. For some of them, they aren’t able to see the Light at the end of the Tunnel for years – especially those movie directors and producers who run out of money and financing. Imagine for a Moment and ask yourself, “What would happen in my Life’s “movie” if I creating it scene by scene and I ran out of motivation and zeal to keep going?”


Your Life is like a rolling “movie” – you are creating it scene by scene through Infinite Blessings of the Creator. You are the Director, the Producer and the Distributor of your own Life movie. Stay true to your tunnel vision and you might have a masterpiece!




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