Lyft Stardate 94514.89 Using the Power of the Focus Wheel to Earn $900 a week with Lyft

FORT LAUDERDALE – One of the hot questions right now for rideshare drivers is how do you consistently achieve your goals of earning $900 – $1,000 a week year-round when Lyft requests are coming in slow? The answer lies in the Power of the Focus Wheel and creating 12 Positive Affirmations.

focus_wheel29If you have a goal or an objective, regardless of whether it is financial or related to personal relationships, you can always turn to the Quantum Mind Mechanics of creating a Focus Wheel or a “Positive Affirmation Map” of your Mind to achieve your Desire.

The mind is restless and it tends to favor the path of least resistance, just like electricity. When you go to the gym, you train your muscles; you tear them down slowly and they rebuild stronger. What exercises are you performing each day to train your mind?  The mind is like a muscle; it has to be tuned and re-trained to work to achieve your goals and desires in Life.

To use the Focus Wheel, you start with a simple circle and then create a larger circle around the smaller circle and then you create 12 equally-sized partitions while visualizing your “need or desire” in the center of the Focus Wheel.

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Now,  let’s say you are new to driving for Lyft and you want to achieve a simple objective of earning $600 a week and a 20% Power Driver Bonus.

You can start using the Power of the Focus Wheel and the 12 Positive Affirmations by filling in the partitions with highly-charged positive affirmations that associate purely positive emotions with your intended “DESIRE” so that you can effortlessly assess the results of pursuing your intended desire:

1. It is easy for me to do about 10 rides a day and I will meet new people.
2. Earning $600 a week means that I will have more time to spend with my family.
3. The people I meet as a Lyft driver will share great stories with me to cheer me up all day.
4. My schedule is flexible so I can work on my daily goal of 10 rides with less stress.
5. I believe that if I complete 10 rides a day I don’t have to worry about finding a 9-to-5 job.
6. I think that I am going to be able to sleep better by earning more than my last job.
7. My new schedule means I can spend more time with my kids and fix them breakfast in the morning.
8. The new people I meet could help me network with the right people to start my own business.
9. I really enjoy helping people and I know that I will be rewarded for my good work with great tips.
10. I am lucky to have a flexible schedule and I can work any time I want.
11. With just 10 rides a day it means I can get a daily paycheck instead of waiting two weeks.
12. I can use my Lyft 20% Power Driver Bonus to save for a new Xbox.

The Power of 12 and the Focus Wheel is tied to what’s called “TWELVE Symbolism” of cosmic order in space and time. There are 12 signs in the Zodiac. There are 12 Tribes of Israel. Your mind is coded and wired for this number and you can use the power of cycles such as “12 months in a year” and two sets of 12 hours in a day” to achieve great things in your Life. This Focus Wheel system is great for just about any desire you have: a new job, earning high sales commission at your current job or setting out to earning more money as a Lyft Driver.

For example, using the Focus Wheel, I was able to really focus on my goals to maximize my earnings during the 2017 South Beach Wine and Food Festival featuring Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay and many of America’s celebrity chefs.

With the start of the South Beach Wine and Food Festival (Feb. 22 – 26), prices were surging up to 500% Lyft Prime Time in Miami on Friday evening in downtown Miami.

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Take a look at the (“screenshot“) of my three-day Express Payouts of over $525.36 for Thursday, Friday and Saturday and my 20% Power Driver Bonus for a weekly total of $1,000.47. Before the week of the Food Festival, I made a brand-new Focus Wheel just for this weekend event and it seemed like the best rides were being awarded to me by the Lyft Driver app; the ones with huge Prime Time Money to help me achieve my $1,000 Weekly Goal, almost effortlessly. It was really great stuff that weekend — great people, great cash tips on the app and Prime Time Money up to 500%.

You can use the Focus Wheel to help you get a promotion at your current job and create the Life of  your Dreams filled with abundance and prosperity. With each of the twelve statements filled into the Focus Wheel, you are simply and easily re-programming your mind through “TWELVE Symbolism” and 12 Positive Affirmations to start believing that your “DESIRE” is truly achievable.

If you have a goal or an objective that has been elusive even though you’ve been trying really hard for a long time to achieve it, always remember, “Energy Flows where there is Focus”. The Focus Wheel System gives you the tools you need to harness the Power of the 12 Positive Affirmations. You will notice for yourself — when you start to use the Focus Wheel, in a little as 7 days, dramatic changes in your Mind Field and it feels like Energy Alignment is assembling (“the elemental forces”) for your Desired Goal.

You notice the little things beyond coincidence — you meet the right people at the right time to help you accomplish your goals, a networking prospect you completely forgot about from several years ago suddenly reaches out to you with a great job offer, etc. It is NOT coincidence — it’s the Power of the Focus Wheel working it’s magic to help you focus on your Desire and bring it into the Realm of the Now.

Perhaps, you’re a real estate agent and you want to DOUBLE the number of closings every month and increase your earnings. Use the Focus Wheel.  Perhaps, you deserve a promotion at your current job but you feel like there are negative forces working against you in your Department to keep you down and they are preventing you from achieving your Maximum Potential. Those negative forces at work are no match for the Power of the Focus Wheel. Where “Energy Flows where there is Focus” — the Focus Wheel energy rebukes obstacles and negativity that impede your Success granting you a blessing and incredible opportunity to re-program your subconscious mind and to re-align your Self to bring your Desire into the Realm of the Now!

Looking for a Brz17 better job? You can also use the Focus Wheel for career development and advancement by unlocking the Power of the 12 Positive Affirmations.

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