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FORT LAUDERDALE – Have you thought about making an income with your own WordPress Blog? It’s hard to believe that Job Ninja 2.0 (aka “CashEveryDay”) is over a year old and with each passing day, we are getting more and more traffic from Google and other sources like social media channels (i.e. YouTube and Twitter).  We have received so many inquiries from fellow entrepreneurs about monetizing their websites and blogs so we thought it might be a good idea to share some of our own tips, strategies and secrets for making up to $1,000 a month for Life with your own WordPress Blog.

blogging1_picLet’s start with your existing business “offline” or perhaps your own personal project or passion. What do you currently market online? Is the market saturated? If you are up and running with your own landing page or generic website, how are you driving traffic to your website? Are you taking advantage of the social media friendly Penguin and Panda (“Google SEO”) algorithms by creating great share-enabled content for user retention and engagement? These are great questions to reflect on “before” you create a business plan or blueprint for success for your own WordPress blog.

To clearly define a blog, a blog is simply a website where an integrated CMS Interface (Content Management System) allows the author to easily write articles in an integrated HTML WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Platform. There is really no need to learn HTML or CSS (common languages for web design) to start a blog because the technology is integrated into a user-friendly interface. In the back end of WordPress, you can discover the exciting world of widgets, menus, headers and social media to bring your blog to life just as a highly-paid professional web designer or team of designers.

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The Bloggersphere is still ripe with great income opportunities online, however with millions of blogs online and just 5% or less of them monetized with some kind of income vertical such as Adsense or GetResponse List Building, very few blogs earn enough cash to even cover their hosting fee and other blogging expenses. The key to making $1,000 a month for Life with your own WordPress Blog is to determine your own passion for blogging and translate this passion into a manifestation of great articles with correct article and SEO marketing for your business, hobby or lifestyle.

You can’t expect to blog about a topic that you are not passionate about sharing with friends and family. Your passion is the birthplace of your WordPress blog as passion was the “seedling” for the most highly-visited  Bz15 blogs (i.e. fashion, business marketing, investing, etc.).

blogging2_picThe key to your success as a blogger is to do keyword research for your idea for a product and service and discover if the blog can be monetized to either compliment your “existing website” to drive targeted, organic traffic through a “back door” from your blog to your main website or to simply exist as a “stand-along website”. Keyword Research is standard with SEO (Search Engine Optimization),   Have you done a Keyword Research Report to reveal high-conversion, low competition keywords for your website for Google and Bing PPC Campaigns? If you don’t have a website, you can create a blog and it can serve a “stand-alone” CMS-enabled website for sharing your thoughts and ideas about your passion, product or service.

There are a whole sleuth of ways to make money by writing articles about your passion. If you like to write about flowers, you can link your blog to your favorite florist website and earn a commission for each sale generated. If you like to write articles about remodeling homes and interior design, you can link your blog to home design companies that offer commission sales for home improvement and home fixtures. For Internet businesses, it is best to take the “blog first, profit later approach” . 90% of entrepreneurs take the other approach – they throw up a nice, generic landing page and expect a flood of visitors to come and buy their product or service. This method may only work if you have a huge marketing budget to buy thousands of clicks from vendors and publishers. You need to add and enrich the Internet user experience for the Law of Reciprocity to kick into overdrive and receive social share signals via social media channels like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to get likes and more visitors to your website.

So many webmasters run expensive PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns paying upwards of $5.00 a click or more to direct traffic to generic landing pages only to realize poor conversion rates (cost per click to net income generated). Blogs can cut your PPC campaign costs by up to 75% or more by creating a “content-rich back door” portal that drives pure, organic and targeted traffic directly to your generic landing pages.  Best of all, blogs are a great way to create keyword-matching webpages that are unique and specific for PPC campaigns to enhance your current PPC marketing campaign and increase landing-page conversions by up to 250% or more from higher user engagement and reputation building. Article marketing and blogging  can allow you to maximize social media signal perception. As the social media signal perception of these search engine algorithms (Google’s Panda and Penguin search engine algorithms) of your website increase, your organic search engine rankings should increase and get closer to Page 1 of search results to produce more free, targeted traffic to your website or blog 24/7/365.

blogging3_picYour current website may be simply a generic landing page and if you are spending a lot of money to get clicks to the site via PPC and hope for a 1% or 2% conversion ratio, you are missing out on huge profits from using Share This Buttons (i.e. ShareThis) for web content management systems and digital experience platforms like WordPress, Drupal and Joomla to boost user retention and reputation building. Blogs allows you to host a variety of powerful user retention and social media engagement marketing strategies such as contests, sweepstakes, crowdfunding and more.

Increasingly, Internet users are looking for ways to enrich and add value to their Internet experience. It is an ongoing competition for your attention and your purchasing power! A blog on WordPress or Joomla is a great way to position yourself with an investment in article design, writing and marketing about your passion (i.e. growing orchids, building model planes, selling custom jewelry online, etc.). The first step to take towards creating an income stream of $1,000 a month for Life with your own WordPress Blog is to find your passion or take a closer a look at your current website and track user retention and conversion ratios to determine if a blog platform can increase reputation, user engagement on your site and increase social media sharing signals on Google to boost your organic search engine rankings!blogging4_pic

Let’s take the first step together: the first step to finding out how to make $1,000 a month for Life with your own WordPress Blog is to find out what you love (i.e. your passion), then focus on what you are really good at doing especially if it is your “passion” and then discover how you can get paid for doing your passion and then find out if doing work in your “passion” field (i.e. utilizing your skill set) is what the world needs and you can create solutions for people’s problems. The CEO of Uber, Travis Kalanick said it best in his famous FailCon YouTube Interview — when he first came up with the idea of Uber seven years ago, “the key to success was offering a solution for people’s problems. If you can identify a problem and then offer a scalable solution, you have a winner!” 

Travis understood that there was a huge need for people to get from Point A to Point B safely and securely through the use of a smartphone friendly mobile technology and find an alternative to expensive taxis that offers not only transparency but technology-enhanced convenience. Hence, Uber was born! 

If you are able to master the four elements of blogger introspection or what are also known as “The Four Elements of the Blogger’s Dimension”, you can easily come up with an idea for your own WordPress Blog and start creating an income stream of $1,000 or more for Life. Once you discover “That Which You love” you will be able to create the Road Map for the integration of your “Passion + Mission” so that you can find out “That Which You Are Good At” and fuse your Passion with a possible Way to Make a Living (“Passion + Vocation”) which leads ultimately to the discovery of your best possible Blog idea and starting offering “That Which The World Needs”.

The Fusion of “Passion + Mission” must come naturally so that you can easily find the Profit Path that you are looking for and create the true “BluePrint” for finding out how to address what the world needs and getting paid to offer solutions to people’s problems. The ultimate key to your success as a blogger in the age of social media signaling is to find a problem, address it as your “Passion-Mission” so that you can get paid. If you focus on solving people’s problems and adding value to the Internet user experience, you can start making up to $1,000 a month or more for Life with your own WordPress Blog in no time!

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