Job Ninja 2.0 Stardate 94655.93 The 7 Most Common Smouldering Resume Hotspots to Avoid!

FORT LAUDERDALE – Are you looking for a better job? Going into 2017 means that you should have your keen eye on job opportunities paying up to $10,000 or more than your current salary. Having a positive prospective for the New Year is great, but you’ll only be fanning the flames if your resume has smouldering hotspots that continue to ruin your job prospecting efforts over time!

smouldering2Are you able to identify the seven most common smouldering resume hotspots faced by 95% of most job candidates out there?

Let’s take a closer look so you avoid ruining your job prospecting in 2017:

1. It might seem obvious, but while you are updating your resume and paying close attention to job dates, did you forget to include your most recent contact information? If your email is obsolete, the hiring managers will never reach you. If you moved or changed phone numbers, please make sure that your phone number, address and email information is up to date and accurate.

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2. What is your primary job objective? You are not doing yourself or anyone else a favor by keeping your Job Objective vague and general simply to keep your options open. This resume tactic never works for ONE simple reason, if you fail to convey your career objectives, hiring managers aren’t going to waste time trying to figure them out for you. Next! (i.e. on to the next resume).

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3. Did you catch any “red flags” on your resume like gaps in job dates? Hiring managers and employers are very keen on “red flags” — they might not welcome someone on their team who just dropped everything in the blink of an eye last year to spend four months traveling through the Mediterranean. Hiring managers are looking for consistency, substance and content and simply put — gaps in job dates gives rise to pause and hesitation when reaching out to you with a job interview offer.

4. Try to stay away from being too wordy or offering too much information on your resume. Use your Cover Letter to tell a story about your career if you want to really “hook” the attention of the Hiring Manager and stand out from the crowd. Use bullet-points to retain his or her attention on your job achievements and emphasize your individual contributions, especially as they relate directly to skills and qualifications required for the job.

5. If you were to label your own resume in ONE of two groups, “Wolf” or “Sheep” just by the tone of voice, which one would it be? If you want to be a “Wolf” and get the job — stay away from passive and boring tone of voice presentation in your resume. Use action verbs like Managed, Increased, Delivered and Created. Hiring Managers want to know, “What can you do for me?”. Impress them with action-oriented vocabulary that implies that you actively get things done on the job!

smouldering16. So, you think you’re the one for the job. Prove it! You didn’t tell any half-truths along the way did you? If you did, “half-truths” unravel like a spirally slinky toy out of control! They are the worst type of failed resume hotspot because they tend to destroy your job prospecting over time and inflict the most harm to your job prospecting network. Any kind of dishonesty on your resume can get you fired even if you’re doing a great job and just earned a fantastic promotion. If you put on your resume that you can speak Mandarin or Pekingese, don’t think that you are fluent just because you can put together a few sentences. In a follow-up interview, you may be called upon to stand and deliver in a three-way conference call with the Department Head in Beijing, China. How much Pekingese (“a Mandarin dialect”) can you piece together for a 10 minute conversation?

7. Folks, there is nothing worse that spotting sloppy fonts on a resume! Some job candidates love to use four or more different fonts on their resume which only reflects a clumsy attitude toward their career development. Sloppy fonts kind of reminds most hiring managers and employers of the show, “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?”. 

These are seven of the most common failed hotspots on your resume that can kill your job prospects fast. Please pay close attention to your resume to AVOID them. They have crippling effect on job prospecting! You should address these tips one-by-one on your resume right now before you submit another single resume to an employer. You will only get about 15 seconds of fame from a Hiring Manager and in those few seconds or moments they will decide whether to give you a shot or send you packing!

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