Job Ninja 2.0 Stardate 94749.04 How to Discover your Authentic Vocation through Life Purpose Awareness

FORT LAUDERDALE – Thriving in Corporate America and finding job security have become even more difficult in 2017. More and more people become underemployed or have to resort to working one or more part-time jobs just to make ends meet. Has finding Job Satisfaction and the Sense of Fulfillment has become incredible difficult for a lot of people? They often feel mismatched to the job they are in which lends itself to feeling dismal and unhappy in Life further contributing to dangerous psychological effects on one’s health. So what is the answer to this perplexing question, “How to Find Satisfaction and Fulfillment in Life?”, that’s facing so many in Corporate America today? Perhaps the answer lies on a Higher Level and we all need to connect with our true Authentic Vocation through Life Purpose Awareness!

coaching_1Perhaps your job is not your true Authentic Vocation? Have you considered that by carefully assessing and developing greater awareness of your Life Purpose, your journey may reveal your True Authentic Vocation?  This discovery could lead to a rich, rewarding Life filled with success, abundance and opportunity that seems to come so much easier with proper alignment with your Authentic Vocation.

The concept of Authentic Vocation was developed by Marcia Bench, one of the leading authorities on Life Purpose Development and the founder of the Career Coach Institute. Through her Authentic Vocation model, she leads you through a series of exercises that helps you to realize your True Life Purpose, find and create work that is fulfilling and properly utilizes your skills and hidden secret motivators to create the ideal work environment.

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Discovering your Authentic Vocation reflects on eight unique aspects of the Self: (1) Life Purpose, (2) Work Values, (3) Motivators and Interests, (4) Knowledge and Skills, (5) Work Experience, (6) Job and Career Targets, (7) Work Environments and (8) Business Reality.

coaching_2Ultimately, reflecting on your Authentic Vocation is about taking a new approach to career design to help you get the results you desire from your job and work environment. When you explore and articulate your Life Purpose, then you start to create a blueprint for Life Purpose Alignment that unlocks the motivators and interests for satisfaction and fulfillment in Life

coaching_3Once you gain awareness of your Life Purpose, you gather courage to step into the unknown almost seemingly by a pure leap of Faith, but backed by the science of Marcia Bench’s Authentic Vocation Model. You begin to find personal fulfillment and your True Calling in Life!

Are you stressed out at your job? Do you find yourself driving to work each morning with deep regret, longing for better co-workers or a more forgiving supervisor? Do you know your Authentic Vocation? Taking the time to start the journey to find and follow your Authentic Vocation Brez13 is one of the most important things you can do today to enhance your Life Experience. It’s time to explore how living in the Moment aligned with your Life Purpose is the next step to finding True Happiness.

You can cut to the Path to your Authentic Vocation by learning more about this self-discovery process with Sally Lever (Life Coach and Facilitator) who believes that “part of my transforming journey has to be about acceptance and honest communication with myself and others, taking back my control, adopting a growth mindset and taking little intuitive steps to make a change”. Learn more about executive coaching using the “Authentic Vocation” model by Marcia Bench of the Career Coach Institute, it will change your Life! Don’t be afraid to take little steps towards valued goals and encourage dialogue with your Higher Self so that you can stand in your Power and construct the Life you want to live. Whatever you do, don’t settle!

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