Lyft Stardate 94818.37 How to Circle Around KFLL Late at Night for Maximum Lyft Profits

FORT LAUDERDALE – Lyft requests at KFLL (Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport) are growing by leaps and bounds. Lyft experienced up to 400% in ride base growth in South Florida just in 2016 alone and with Spring Break in full effect and the Winter Music Conference starting this week, it’s going to be great!

One of the highlights of using the Lyft Platform is GPS proximity-allocation system, where unlike Uber you have to wait in a “FIFO” (FIFO – First In, First Out) Airport Queue for up to 45 minutes in a geozone strip. Simply put, Uber’s Queue often cuts into my profits!

Late at night, Lyft offers the best airport gigs with up to 100% Prime Time “surge” with great tips in the app. Lyft riders don’t mind paying a little extra at 1am if it means getting home safely! My rider on SouthWest 5686 from Las Vegas told me after I assisted her exiting with her bags, “I don’t have any cash, but I will tip you in the app shortly”. That’s music to our ears!

Tips cover gas and grilled cheese and fries! Lyft riders love the convenience of compensating their Drivers in the app! They even brag about this cool feature to their Drivers!

“Make Money Giving Away Free Vacation Incentives”

Simply by powering up my trusty FlightAware mobile app on my Samsung Note 4, I was able to see “En Route” flights in real-time and plan my Lyft adventures for the next two hours! Having chased the 10% Lyft Power Driver Bonus all night Saturday in downtown Miami and Miami Beach, I was a little exhausted and got a SUPER LATE 11pm start on Sunday but made up for it in just TWO hours with $71.49 net.

Make it an awesome Lyft night with the right tools!

FlightAware gives you the tools you need to position yourself to be at the right place at the right time at the Airport Terminals to make the most money with Lyft. No “line, no waiting in queue” means returning to your favorite pickup signal spot at KFLL for your next Lyft request and immediately convert your miles into money with a quick pickup!

Earning tips in the app often covers your gas for the night and if you’re lucky, grilled cheese and fries at Denny’s. Yum!

If you plan to drive for Lyft and you are serious about maximizing your earning potential, you should download FlightAware (it’s free!) and power it up every time especially late at night to plan your Lyft earnings strategy.

You should ask yourself a few simple questions before you start your late shift at 10pm or 11pm, “When is the last flight arriving tonight?”, “How many requests do I want to do tonight?”, “How much money do I want to make tonight?”. You need to create a plan or strategy every time even if you plan to drive 3 -4 hours a day! A Plan or Strategy ensures that you are targeting the Hot Zones with Prime Time Extra Cash which can boost your earnings by up to 75% or more and you are converting your gas expense into Cash at the highest level possible.  When you factor in Time and Gas and a solid Strategy based on patterns and demographic profiling, you can easily see your Lyft earnings double or even triple, especially when you are earning tips in the Lyft App for your hard work! Click here to sign up to drive for Lyft now!

If you don’t have a Plan, then you plan to Fail! Even if you plan to work only 1 hour late at KFLL and get home to get a headstart on the 7am – 9am Prime Time peak hours for your 20% Power Driver Bonus, you must create a Plan of Action with FlightAware. You’ll have a lot of fun tracking flights and watching your Lyft riders arriving. It’s an awesome tool for making money money with Lyft!

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Reference: Oprah Winfrey’s, “A Rags To Riches Story: How to overcome obstacles and achieve financial success”.

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