Lyft Stardate 94837.64 Thanks for the Memories…see you next year Ultra Music Festival 2018

FORT LAUDERDALE – What a Blast! This year’s Ultra Music Festival was awesome! The Prime Time “Surge” Cash available for Lyft Drivers was out of sight! It was great meeting people from every corner of the world: Germany, Australia, Norway, Switzerland and Denmark.

Every year, the Ultra Music Festival elevates the natural energy and vibe of the Magic City (“Miami”) and attracts tourists who bring their valuable dollars and euros to spend freely on accommodations, food, transportation and so much more! The flow of tourist currency is an invaluable resource for South Florida and makes it a prime location for Uber and Lyft Driver-Partners to maximize their earnings with Prime Time “Surge” cash that was in huge abundance this weekend!

On Sunday, March 26th, 2017 the Lyft demand was astronomical with three different events in active mode simultaneously: The Ultra Music Festival, The Miami Open Tennis Tournament and the Miami Music Week, which wrapped up on March 26th, 2017. Not enough can be said about how important the deluge of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) fans to South Florida is to the local economy and thousands of Uber and Lyft Driver Partners who call South Florida home and who rely on tourists for income opportunities!

When we look closer at the impact of the Ultra Music Festival, we can see in the near future that South Florida will become a vibrant epicenter for bright and new talent in the EDM genre with opportunities for local artists to work along side the likes of Tiesto, Martin Garrix, Steve Aoki and Armin Van Buuren. What an exciting time for the music scene in South Florida!

Music Festivals are crucial to the success of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) artists because it allows them to showcase their talent to visiting club owners and music producers from cities  and party hotspots like Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Atlantic City — allowing them a venue to secure lucrative club bookings and earn party appearance fees!

Long gone are the days when EDM artists relied solely on album download sales and streaming royalties which continue to dwindle with each passing year. The hospitality industry in South Florida is flourishing and it will continue to benefit from music festivals and conferences in the local area which spells huge profits and surge money and cash tips for Lyft Driver Partners from Key West to West Palm Beach! Yes, Lyft is now live in Key West! Bravo!

Reference: Heidi Klum’s, “Body of Knowledge: 8 Rules of Model Behavior (to Help You Take Off on the Runway of Life)”.

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