Job Ninja 2.0 Stardate 94877.33 Five Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Job Hunting!

FORT LAUDERDALE – With the high rate of underemployment and so many employees enduring discontent and stress with their current position, it doesn’t come at a surprise that so many job candidates are now trying to get their foot in the door and get hired — somewhere else!

Here are five common mistakes you should avoid when job hunting:

1. If you are going for a job interview, try to avoid calling the employer at least 1 hour ahead of time or showing up way too early for your job interview. You are dishonoring your Interviewer’s Schedule by either showing up way too early or calling an hour ahead of time. Yes, your Job Interview is the main priority for you that morning, but your interviewer is more than likely to sit down with at least 7 – 10 other candidates that morning and you need to honor the inherent limitations of his or her schedule.

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2. Try to leave the water under bridge when leaving your last job and at all costs, do not burn any bridges with the raging flames of gossip. Avoid criticism and negativity at your previous position because you don’t want to end up with the short end of the stick if you ever have to reach out to someone there for a reference.

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3. If you are facing underemployment and you are serious about getting your foot in the door at your Dream Employer, you should network with the right people, as much as possible! So many prospective job candidates fail to stay motivated during their job search campaign and you must build your network of prospective employers on a daily basis. Make it a Brez4 point to search LinkedIn and Twitter every day. Stay in the know. Make it is a point to increase your prospective employer network by at least 4 – 5 fresh contacts each and every day during your job search campaign!

4. More and more companies are beginning to appreciate job candidates who forego a higher salary for a more fulfilling career aligned with their True Life Purpose. How does your job search campaign align with your True Life Purpose and your Career Development Goals? While it is okay to pursue a higher salary, especially when you are underemployed, your prospective employer needs to embrace Authentic Enthusiasm in your job interview and it can only come about through authentic alignment with your True Life Purpose. Your enthusiasm for your job search campaign will come across in your cover letter and resume and it is highly contagious! Employers and hiring managers will be able to quickly pick up on its True Authenticity and try to help you in your Life Mission!

5. Stop the Insanity when it comes underselling yourself. Too many times, job candidates sell themselves short for the sake of conformity and feel way too intimidated to showcase their skills and qualifications during a job interview. If you don’t toot your own horn, no one else will! You can still be humble and showcase your attributes. When you speak about your successes at previous jobs with True Authenticity, you are speaking from a place of True Gratitude. Don’t succumb to the interviewer’s pressure tactics and allow them to you dictate the flow of the interview. As discussed in the Job Interview Magic Portal, you can share control of the interview by Asking the Right Questions at the Right Time which offer great segues for you to shine in your interview without sacrificing humility. Being able to ask the right questions at the right time allows job candidates to communicate their achievements to the prospective employer without sacrificing humility and being super-proactive all at once!

Learning how to inspire the Interviewer can be difficult, but with enough practice at asking the right questions at the right time during a Job Interview, you can avoid the common track many job candidates take of sounding egotistical and brash. When you ask the Right Questions During Your Job Interview, you are cleverly giving the forum back to the Interviewer to help them feel good about themselves and that is one of the best ways to be liked.

You can still be authentic by asking the Interviewer about how they got to be so successful at the company and remain in control of the Interview! Step out of your Comfort Zone and be authentic when trying to appeal to the Interviewer “as a person”. It will pay off as likability which is often a huge motivator for people to hire other people!

In closing (and you should always think about how to close the deal from the minute you sit down with the Interviewer), seek to build an authentic rapport with the Interviewer or Hiring Manager. Likability is a huge motivator when hiring people, and you can make the Interviewer or Hiring Manager feel good about themselves through authentic flattery by asking the Right Questions at the Right Time! Avoid bringing a lot of Stress into the Job Interview and buying into projections of scarcity. If you see your Job Interview as an “privileged networking and advice session on how to be successful” and ask the Right Questions at the Right Time, the Interviewer or Hiring Manager will foster a obligatory sense of responsibility to guide you towards fulfillment in your Career by offering final anecdotes for attracting Career Success or even better – making a Job Offer!

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