Lyft Stardate 94846.62 Lyft’s Round Up and Donate Program is Pushing the Envelope!

FORT LAUDERDALE – Lyft is taking ridesharing into a new realm of transparency and solidifying a firm position in the hearts and minds of its loyal riders while gaining ground on its chief rival, Uber with a new program set to launch called, Round Up and Donate.

With scheduling of rides up to 7 days in advance, simple multiple stop interfacing with driver navigation and their In-App Tip feature which has allocated over $200 MILLION to its drivers since inception, Lyft is on the right path for huge commercial success and poised to overtake Uber as the leading ridesharing company in the United States very soon.

According, Lyft’s new Round Up and Donate is a step in the right direction, “Lyft is looking at one of its biggest potential opportunities to make up some ground on its rival Uber, given the latter company’s ongoing and worsening PR crisis. So it makes sense that Lyft would go even further in the opposite direction, with a new program that lets riders top off their fare to the nearest dollar, and donate the difference to one of a group of selected charities.”

Imagine in the near future being able to round up your fare and donate some spare change via the Lyft app to a needy charity. The future is here. Round Up and Donate will be a well-positioned PR in-app feature that will acquire and secure the hearts and minds of his loyal riders by building an dedicated infrastructure for charitable donation and gifting.

According to, “Round Up & Donate will launch in the coming weeks, most likely with a single organization that can receive donations, Lyft executives said. The company expects to gradually expand the program and highlight local community organizations.”

A non-profit ridesharing program spawned out of necessity when strict regulations forced Uber and Lyft out of the city of Austin, Texas called RideAustin also has a similar program where riders are able to donate to charity!

Uber is going to have to figure out a way to regain leverage in the ridesharing marketplace very soon as it continues to market share to social media campaigns like #DeleteUber ignited by a sleuth of public relations mishaps ranging from sexual harassment at Uber HQ to the Uber CEO verbally mistreating one of his Driver-Partners on Live Dashcam. believes that Lyft is looking to bring people together and brand itself as a collaborator of minds and hearts while positioning itself as a values-driven company, “Lyft drew attention for promising to donate $1 million to the American Civil Liberties Union in January, right after President Donald Trump signed his first Muslim travel ban.”

Bringing people together and creating memorable experiences seems to weigh heavily on the agenda of Lyft’s Management as it shows to the world that it is a values-driven company focused on innovative ways to benefit riders, drivers and the communities they serve.

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