Job Ninja 2.0 Stardate 95014.28 Advanced Job Search Strategies using Job Interview Magic

FORT LAUDERDALE – Ok, so unemployment across the United States is holding steady at a pretty low rate. Overall, this is great news, right? Out with the “Old” administration and in with the “New” – who will take credit for the economy’s job growth, who can say.

Nevertheless, there is a dark side to this low unemployment statistic. If we look closer at the real issues, we have to ask ourselves, “does it really speak for the tens of millions of workers who are either underemployed or need to work two jobs (“part-timers”) just to provide a decent lifestyle for their families?” What about the untold stories of the millions of people who gave up looking for work a long time ago? Who is going to speak up for them?

According to the Pew Research Center, “it’s also important to remember that not all employment is created equal. Before the Great Recession, fewer than 20% of all part-time workers said they were working less than 35 hours a week for economic reasons, such as slack demand or inability to find full-time work. During the slump, that share jumped to a third of all part-timers; the “involuntary part-time” share has fallen since, to 22.2% of all part-timers in January 2017, but it is still above typical pre-recession level”. While job growth was robust in the first quarter of 2017 and the marketplace has improved by leaps and bounds since the Recession of 2008, many workers in Corporate America are looking for a better job. They try hard to keep their job search on the down low – away from the prying eyes of their Boss. They use privacy filters on their computer monitors when uploading their resumes to Monster, Careerbuilder and Indeed. Their worst fear is that their employer will find out that they are job hunting and testing the waters with headhunters and job placement consultantsand they have been using vacation days and sick days, not to see relatives in out-of-town but to go to job interviews. The increase in the number of resumes flooding Careerbuilder and Monster in 2017 offers validity to the fact that there is a serious lack of satisfaction among America’s workers today; they feel “short-changed” and that they are not making enough money, they are working more hours; they simply feel like they are not getting ahead in Life. It was out of necessity that we created the online job interviewing training workshop, Job Interview Magic 2.0. It addresses the needs of these people. It allows the typical job candidate to step out of his or her comfort zone and learn how to Interview Like a Boss. It’s a discreet online workshop. You can view it on your mobile phone at work and you can use our self-assessment tools to grade how effectively you can succeed in a job interview. You don’t have to take time off from work to attend. You can complete your Workshop on your smartphone in the office; it’s the perfect job hunting companion.

Job Interview Magic delivers because it’s offers seamless integration into the mobile world; the level of discretion, convenience and convergence that people want and demand today. People want to be able to discreetly attend an online job interviewing workshop to find and discover great options for finding a job that pays better, offers more stability and better benefits. Most importantly, people want an online workshop that offers them transparency and flexibility for mobile job hunting.

Let’s say that you had a job resource training tool that you can virtually engage with your Interviewer prior to meeting him or her for the Interview, would you use it? What would be the perceived value of this type of job resource training tool? For argument’s sake, would it be worth your first month’s salary if it meant you had a chance of earning $10,000 or more a year than what you’re making now? Sure, it would. Just one wrong question asked at the wrong time on your next job interview could foil your chances of getting the job offer.

The chances are that when you complete Job Interview Magic, you would have seen TEN out of the Top 25 Most Commonly Asked Questions on your next job interview. It could make the difference between you getting the job or not. It all comes down one thing: practice, practice, practice. Ask any professional tennis player, “Why do they spend 6 – 8 hours a day practicing for just to get ready for a few big matches every year in the biggest tournaments?” They are guaranteed 9 out of ten times to answer, “practice, practice, practice! Practice makes perfect!”  

Job Interviewing Preparation is an Art Form. Like all Art Forms, they demand the respect that they duly deserve. Job Interview Magic pays homage to this Art Form through its Free Critique of your personal Top 25 Q&A with our staff within the online workshop to give you important feedback where you need it the most. By working with Job Ninja, we will help you assess your responsiveness and comprehension of these Top 25 Q&A so that your next job interview goes flawlessly. As a job seeker, you know have more options for job interviewing preparation than ever before. You can train for your next job interview and tap into the true power of your smartphone and S Note.

There is a science behind the list of the “Top 25 Questions Asked by the Interviewer”. The Q&A Critique with our staff takes interactivity to a whole new level. Interactivity with Job Interview Magic allows you to master this Art Form so that you can engage your Interviewer with 100% confidence on your next job interview. Job Interview Magic is more than just an online workshop. It’s a paradigm shift in online preparation that offers you 100% mobility for training and preparing for your next big opportunity. Furthermore, it’s scalable to meet the needs of a multitude of personal scenarios.

You can get a Free-Trial Password for Job Interview Magic 2.0. It’s a free online workshop. Job Ninja will play an active role in your job interviewing training. Long gone are the days of spending 5 hours in some obsolete, outdated workshop led by some guy with unknown credentials in a stuffy room lined with those horrible high school desks who dares to crack jokes every few minutes because he wants to be YOUR friend. Hey, buddy — thanks but no thanks — please save the jokes for the local Comedy Club. “This is my career we’re talking about here”. You didn’t drive twenty miles for amateur hour!

If you are a member of the underemployed…don’t despair. You have a Voice. The folks at Pew Research Center, a think tank behind the real employment numbers believes that, “as many observers have pointed out, the official unemployment definition leaves out some significant groups. The underemployed and part-time workers who would prefer to work full-time – shouldn’t be counted among the employed. Discouraged workers – people who’d like a job but have stopped looking because they don’t believe any work is available – aren’t counted as part of the labor force at all.”

You deserve every leverage point that you can get to materialize your desire to find a better paying and more rewarding job. Perhaps it’s going to take more than Job Interview Magic to get the job done. Who can say. Perhaps, it’s one of a few tools in your shed. Each worker’s job hunt is unique. Some are open to relocation. Some are getting out of their field or industry all together.

Job Interview Magic offers the flexibility and discretion job seekers want and demand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can prep in the lobby right before your next job interview. You can study your Free Q&A Feedback Critique from our staff to save you from asking the wrong questions at the wrong time and any other personal notes stored on your phone in S Note. You can use your phone’s Stylus Pen (if you have one) to make quick Q&A notes to yourself while you wait to be called for your Job Interview. Every little bit helps in this competitive job market! It’s a new mobile-friendly World. Embrace it.

Reference: Tony Robbins “33 Life Mastery Lessons” is one of the most-sought after motivational speakers in the World. Learn more about Tony in “Awaken the Giant Within : How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Destiny!


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