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FORT LAUDERDALE – The world’s most successful entrepreneurs and leaders – Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg, just to name a few – all profess to their personal belief that their success came about from making a clear conscious choice on what, where, and how to make a valuable contribution to the World. They believe that it didn’t happen by accident, or by luck. They found their “calling” by choosing to listen to their Intuition to unlock the secrets of their Authentic Vocation.

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Have you ever thought about your Life Purpose? Unlocking the secrets of one’s Life Purpose is the central theme for finding work fulfillment and satisfaction in Life. Every person has a central Life Purpose – for many it may take 20 years to find it, even 30 years or more. However, once that central theme, quality or passion becomes clear, we are able to clarify and align our focus to find true authenticity. Ultimately, it’s this clarification that will unleash your quest of self-discovery for your Authentic Vocation. Your Life Purpose will start to unravel once you start to listen to your Intuition. There were clues in your Life all along (i.e. a book catches your attention in a store or you meet someone within the scope of your future Authentic Vocation at your company’s Christmas party, etc.) but you were too consumed by the pressures to “make a living” that you weren’t about to embrace the Power of Now.

That’s how some of the world’s most productive non-profit community activist organizations got their start — “like minded people sharing a cohesive life philosophy in the Moment” on their respective journeys for their Life Purpose to satisfy an innate (“screaming”) desire to make a bigger Contribution to society as a whole. These clues were intermittently dispersed, not by coincidence, but by design of the Collective Mind that all people share a connection to, whether they believe it or not.

The clues to your Life Purpose and unlocking your Authentic Vocation are all around you. Ask yourself, “What parts of your present job do you thoroughly enjoy doing away from work?” and “If you were asked to write your own Obituary, what would you like people to remember you for at the end of your Life?”

These questions form the basis for a powerful introspection tool called S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) Analysis. Start by looking at the value of a skill or interest that you have that you took for granted because you thought everyone else can do it. So many people never take time to find out what makes them “unique” because they are too consumed by the pressures of their hectic lives. The obstacle to progress is thinking that only so-called special people have talent and have a Life Purpose. These people are not special in anyway. They simply made a clear choice to decode their own Destiny by exploring their Life Purpose to achieve more fulfillment and satisfaction in Life. Grab a pen and paper and complete your S.W.O.T. Analysis now! Create four columns; one for each trait and fill in each column as much as possible. You can make this clear conscious decision today!  S.W.O.T. Analysis is a very powerful tool of self-awareness. Use your responses to awaken your Intuition and create your Life Purpose Statement. For example, your Life Purpose Statement may shape up to be: “To be a positive influence on single mothers seeking self-healing after an abusive relationship” or “To motivate underprivileged children to achieve a college education”. Once you implement your new Life Purpose Statement, it’s underlying Power will become the central Organizing Principle in your Life. It will have an impact on every decision you make and everything you do thereafter. The Power of the Organizing Principle will shape your new Role in society, your Long-term and Short-term goals and the Action you’ll take to achieve your Master Plan.

Every person has Central Life Purpose if they care to look for clues. It’s time to shatter the myth that only special people have a purpose. S.W.O.T. Analysis clear destroys this notion and these types of preconceived constructs once held as “authentic”. You will enjoy more work fulfillment and more satisfaction in your Life. You’ll find your “calling” and locate the treasure map to your Authentic Vocation.

Reference: Learn about Zig Ziglar, the amazing motivational speaker: Born to Win: Find Your Success“.

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