Uber Stardate 93951.19 Smart Ridesharing Tactics using FlightAware

miamiIf you are driving for Uber or Lyft and your ridesharing tactics focus on accepting requests at the airport, you need to have FlightAware in your arsenal of tools. With FlightAware, you can track arrivals, departures and en route air traffic in real-time at just about any airport. For rideshare entrepreneurs, this kind of real-time information is important to your livelihood. It can affect your profitability as a rideshare entrepreneur. The airport search code for Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport is KFLL and the airport search code for Miami International is KMIA.

As a rideshare driver who is using DailyPay (“processing cycles of 5:30pm the previous day to 5:30pm the following day”), FlightAware can be a powerful tool, especially if you want to work at the airport at 11pm or 1am and you want to get a nice $50 – $60 headstart before sunrise.

In the e-book, “Seven Ridesharing Tactics for Making $700 in 7 Days”,  airport fares are highlighted as the best trips to pursue for rideshare entrepreneurs for making more money faster – plus they often produce $10 – $20 tips.  Late at night, there is less traffic so you can process more airport requests in a shorter period of time which means less stress — unless you are faced with calling 911 to report an erratic driver on the highway!

Using FlightAware, you can see the cutoff time for arrivals of flights and you can even pinpoint your favorite airlines if you are so bold enough to keep data about which airlines tend to cater to riders offering the longest fares, you have the best data aggregate for your mission.

FlightAware provides great real-time data about airline traffic so you can easily use this information to create a ridesharing schedule that is going to increase your profitability, generate less dead miles and help you get more 5-star ratings. With FlightAware, you can track each flight while in the air, the make of the aircraft, the itinerary of flight plans of the aircraft for the past few days and the all important departure and arrival times.

Get “in-the-know” with FlightAware….it is a great tool that every rideshare entrepreneur should use to make more money!


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