Uber Stardate 94062.47 At 212 degrees, water boils…go that Extra Degree!

2016-06-17 03.39.55Are you willing to make that extra move that’s gonna make you achieve your Dreams? There is a simple truth when it comes to work ethic and achieving success: real action must take place and nothing is the same once you go that extra degree.

At 211 degrees Fahrenheit, water is very hot. At 212 degrees, it boils and with boiling water, comes steam and steam can power a locomotive. At 212 degrees, you achieve a state where you can power a machine. Without that one extra degree, nothing gets put into motion. Find that inspiration wherever it might be for you and embrace the value of extra effort and its effect on creating great results.

The 1%-ers of Uber Partners who are really making great money at UberX are the ones who go that extra degree to make a difference. What is your goal as an Uber Partner? Do you want a daily cash payout of at least $100 – $150 a day? This extra degree is the ultimate definition of action that translates into excellence and it separates a good Uber Partner from a great Uber Partner. While the average Uber Partner only works 10 hours a week, there are many Uber Partners who are consistently earning $800 – $1,100 a week. Where do they find the inspiration to put it together and make it happen?

Tap into your own Source of Inspiration and get to the energetic state to attain that ONE extra degree to attain their goals. Good habits die hard so once you make that change…stick to it and progress to the next level in whatever you do. It all comes down to the Power of Your Attitude and using it to get on the Road to Happiness.

You can learn more about this great quote about 212 Degree from Sam Parker.

Whether it is running your own business or working up the corporate ladder, finding the inspiration to attain that one degree of effort can make the difference between success and failure.

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