Uber Stardate 94076.38 Uber Earnings of $125 DailyPay 80% payout $100 daily

FORT LAUDERDALE – Every Uber Partner needs to set a daily goal. Do you want to make at least $125 a day or perhaps $150 a day? Whatever goal you set for your Uber Earnings, you need to have a plan of action in order to achieve your daily Uber Earnings goal.

With achieving a DailyPay 80% payout schedule (20% reserve) comes an incredible responsibility. If your goal is to take home net $100.00 a day that is deposited by DailyPay into your bank account every morning, it means you have to set the bar really high as an UberX Partner-Driver to make sure that your 20% reserve covers your incidental expenses.

dp_06212016If your goal is to make at least $100 a day net take home, you need to make $125.00 in net Uber earnings a daily with a 80% payout schedule with DailyPay. The math is pretty simple…

My goal has always been to try and achieve a state where my weekly promotion deduction was met by 10am Tuesday which means everything after 10am Tuesday is PURE PROFIT in my pocket. Imagine being able to drive for Uber after 10am Tuesday knowing 100% that your most important expense: weekly promotion for car note payment is covered by your Uber earnings. With Uber, it is entirely possible that you will NEVER make a car note payment on your own (it is covered by your Uber earnings automatically with each and every Uber ride you complete).  It is incredibly gratifying!

With DailyPay, you earn a payout daily in cash deposited to your bank account for the earnings from the previous day 5:30pm – 5:30pm the current day. In this June 20th, 2016 example, my net fare from Mon 5:30pm – Tues 5:30pm was $121.05 so my bank deposit will be $95.85 (includes the $0.99 advance fee).

The way to achieve any milestone is to set an hourly goal (perhaps Uber earnings by 10am), then Uber earnings by 3pm. Once you have enrolled with DailyPay, your mental framework will shift from Uber’s Daily calculation to DailyPay’s 5:30pm – 5:30pm calculation schedule so it is entirely possible that you may find yourself at the airport at 1 a.m in the morning trying to get a $49 net fare to Palm Beach Gardens to get a headstart on your daily goal.

No longer do you have to wait for Uber’s payout on early Wednesday morning….DailyPay deposits cash into your bank account daily even on Saturday morning (weekend deposit policies vary with each bank).

According to the Feed the Pig website, “now that you’ve got your list of goals in front of you, it’s time to put them into perspective. To take them all on at once would be madness, and our end game is financial peace of mind, not insanity”.

Once you know your goal, start small and figure out the way to get to the first step. Set milestones that are close together and stay on track to achieve your goal. If your goal is to earn $125 a day with Uber, set a earnings milestone of $70 by 11am and then $70 by 4pm to make sure you achieve your goal. Start small, think big, put a system in place to make your daily goal 100% realistic and challenging.

Every Uber Partner should be enrolled in a service like DailyPay with a high enough daily payout percentage of 80% or more to keep you motivated to get on the road and earn more and to achieve your milestones.

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