CashEveryDay Stardate 94530.39 The Best Income Opportunities for 2017

FORT LAUDERDALE – With the start of the New Year only a few days away, where are you at this point in your Life financially? Are you where you want to be at this point in your Life spiritually?

The primer for creating a great income opportunity for yourself in 2017 will be centered on the Zen of “Be Before You can Have”. Most people in this impulse gratification world are focusing on getting material things FIRST in order to “Be” the person that they want to be. This is not the enlightened path to True Success and Joy. The Primer for True Success for 2017 regardless of which ever income opportunity you choose to invest in will center on how well you focus on your “hunger”  and who you want to Be.

Let’s examine “Be Before You Can Have” a little further….be_2017

Most home-based business owners agree that the #1 income opportunity for 2017 is freelancing. The primer for success with freelance work is ultimately tied to what VALUE you can bring to the table to increase and enrich the value of other people’s lives. It’s the Law of Reciprocity coming full circle. To “Be Before You Can Have” you must enrich the lives of others for the Law of Reciprocity to come full circle with enough Life Force to build the foundation for Joy and Happiness in Your Life.

“Make Money Giving Away Free Vacation Incentives”

There are thousands of people flocking to the Internet to create profiles of their freelancing skills in this new and exciting “gig” freelance economy. Even Lyft drivers talk openly about the best gigs for making money and where to find them. It’s the new economy and it’s here to stay.

With powerful transaction platforms like Square and Paypal Here ready to process credit card transactions via your smartphone, the freelance workplace is going to continue to grow by leaps and bounds well into 2017 and beyond where all you may need is a personal profile on Fiverr or Upwork, a WordPress blog, perhaps a separate Aweber or Constant Contact account, a YouTube Channel and you’re ready to generate multiple income streams.

To master the world of freelance and profit from it, you should focus on bringing as much value to the table as you possible can. Being able to bring value to the table, not just sell a product, but offer real value starts with your own self-assessment. First, you must “Be Before You Can Have”. What skills can you offer to enrich and increase the value of other peoples’ lives? To master the Zen of freelance, “you can’t have then be, you must be before you can have”. Perhaps you have a great freelance skill for making short film music compositions or catchy TV commercial jingles that you can monetize on Fiverr or UpWork or any other of the most popular freelance work platforms online.

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With billions of searches being processed daily on Google, you can write blog posts, create videos, promote other people’s social media accounts, help websites get traffic or any other skill that is in demand and you will get clients online and the value you offer to the marketplace will be monetized into new income streams. If you have numerous skills, monetize them into multiple income streams for income diversification.

be_2017_3To succeed in the freelance world, focus on being the person you want to become “first” and then you will profit. You need a WordPress blog, a YouTube channel and at least 3 social media channels (i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to build and follow-up with your highly-targeted list of followers to gain a reputation and momentum in the freelance community and convert your prospects into clients.

To market your talent, your social media channel can serve as your own freelance portfolio powered by digital 720p and 1080p HD updates of client success testimonial videos, samples of your work and so much more. Entrepreneur Magazine published a great article about the top 15 best freelance websites to find jobs. Conventional 9-to-5 jobing with a 1/2 hour lunch break is a thing of the past. Conventional hiring managers are increasingly offering only part-time work with no benefits to save costs, minimize arbitration fees and employee lawsuits and workers MUST find other sources of income (i.e. Uber and Lyft) just to survive and enjoy their desired lifestyle.

It is time for you to choose something and then go and succeed. There are so many great ways to make a living online. To succeed, you really only need to invest in a WordPress blog, a YouTube or SoundCloud channel, at least 3 social media channels, a free video series or e-book to showcase your talent to prospective customers. Free e-books are great for taping into the wonderful Law of Reciprocity where, “First in order for you to receive, you must give of yourself freely without any expectation or reward in return”. Free e-books are a dynamic way to build a list of targeted prospects very quickly, to increase your reputation in your chosen industry or freelance field and to convert prospects into clients every day of the week.

be_2017_2Offering a free e-book is perhaps one of the best ways to keep yourself digitally engaged and pass your content and value to a larger audience digitally to convert prospects into life long clients. Here is a great list of the top e-book creators to get started with today.  Amazon Kindle is growing in popularity and you can easily create e-books in MOBI or EPUB format and use the Amazon Platform to control and micromanage your digital rights for mobile distribution of your valuable content. You can easily turn to Upwork and a multitude of freelance sites to convert your first free e-book (i.e. start with MS Word and save as a PDF then convert it to MOBI and EPUB for Kindle — easy enough to get started, right?).

The second best income opportunity for 2017 is network marketing. Long gone are the days of just selling vitamins through your favorite MLM – there are so many network marketing “niches” out there from health and wellness to software and financial product consulting – even pure essential oil blends from doTerra and Young Living Essential Oils. List of the best MLM companies by ranking and revenue.

Your friends may give you a hard time about MLM and network marketing, but if you can make an extra $300 a month and improve the quality of your life and your overal Joy on this planet, simply disregard the haters and focus on your “hunger”. How hungry are you for success?  Your answer will dictate your new income streams for 2017.


With so many MLM network marketing companies generating billions of dollars in revenue every year (i.e. Forever Living, Shaklee, doTerra), you can shop around for the best Multi-level Marketing company to join, create a WordPress blog and become a trusted authority on MLM and niche network marketing.

You can start your own YouTube channel and create videos to help other people consider the value of joining your MLM network and build your list using the three most common social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep your content digitally engaging for your target audience.

Whether you choose to expand your freelance presence online or join an MLM network marketing company or any other income opportunity, focus on who you want to “be” for 2017, become firmly embedded and consumed by your “hunger” to propel your success and then set it and forget it.

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