Lyft Stardate 94559.55 The Power of Giving this Holiday Season

bag_treatsFORT LAUDERDALE – Approaching 1,000 Lyft rides in less than six months is pretty amazing for just about any Lyft driver in South Florida! To celebrate this milestone, I put together a little gift bag of jingle bells and hard candy for my Lyft riders the days leading up to Christmas.

It’s important to take time to help put a smile on the faces of those people who are in need this holiday season. After completing so many Scheduled Pickups on the Lyft app in the past few days for doctor’s appointments, it’s so important to take a few moments to make a positive impact in other peoples lives this Holiday Season even if it’s with a little Gift Bag filled with jingle bells and candy. I gave without any expectation with my idea for these small Gift Bags, however I noticed my tips increased in the Lyft app over the last few days so it is true that “Giving Back is Giving Forward”.

The holidays is a time of giving but sometimes, the season can be overshadowed by serious illnesses like heart disease and kidney failure. One of my riders was on her way to the doctor’s office a few days ago and she shared with me that she has to go to the dialysis center at least two times a week and Lyft is a Godsend for her because the Lyft drivers are always so polite and helpful and the transportation is affordable on her fixed income.

In the Spirit of Giving, it was great to see her smile when I gave her the Holiday Gift Bag. I am not sure if she could have candy due to the gravity of her health condition but it was great that in the Spirit of Giving that Giving can enrich all of us at this time of year. There is Light even among the Shadows in this Holiday Season with so many people facing hardships and tribulations, it’s important to reach for the Light of Giving and give the Miracle of a small Blessing even if it’s a small Gift Bag with holiday jingle bells and candy treats. There is a lot of Power in the Spirit of Giving. This holiday season should be about giving to others, making someone’s day just a little brighter – a time when reaching out to others with small gift and letting them know you appreciate them and that they are important!

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