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FORT LAUDERDALE – As the end of the year draws near, so many people are making their New Years Resolutions to increase their wealth and prosperity in 2017. Even if you are working a full-time job, nowadays it’s important to have a “side hustle” or perhaps a part-time business that you can count on in the event you lost your full-time day job without any notice. Unemployment compensation can take anywhere from 3 – 4 weeks to activate and without at least 3 – 6 months of savings set aside, life can become stressful after a job loss.

Most home-based business entrepreneurs agree that ridesharing OUTRANKS the business ideas listed below (sign up to drive for both Uber and Lyft here for cash bonuses) as the best “side hustle income opportunity for 2017” because you are able to download the app, complete the vetting process within a few days and start earning an income from Day One using GPS location services on your phone.

The key to success in 2017 will be income diversification if you are seeking to boost your income.

parttime3Technology has changed the way we work and play in so many ways. It has opened up new avenues of opportunity to generate sustainable part-time business income at home or virtual.

These are the Top 10 part-time business ideas for 2017 for you:

1. Antiques
Have you ever considered making money with antiques? You can make money with old treasures found at the swap meets and flea markets. The local Swap Shop in Fort Lauderdale is a bonanza of opportunity for antique resellers and bargain hunters. Hot buys for 2017 are antique furniture, toys and clothing. You can sell your inventory at cooperatives and weekend fairs to earn extra cash on the weekends.

2. Computer Tutor
People are looking for solutions to help them live more productive lives. So many people feel burdened by everyday tasks. As a computer tutor,  you can teach HTML, word processing or desktop publishing and offer classes through non-profit organizations in your community that offer adult education courses. A great idea that can go a long way is to perhaps start a computer coding class at your neighborhood Boys and Girls Club to foster and develop an interest in coding in young at-risk students.

3. Personal Storage Assistant
One of the hottest industries for growth in 2017 is personal storage management. Personal storage is growing by leaps and bounds and it’s really meant to cater for those who go to the mall every weekend and amass huge inventories of clothing and personal items that have become a burden to maintain at their home – so they need off-site personal storage to lead a normal, productive life. Personal Storage Assistants can offer people who have become hoarders time-consuming tips to maintain all of the clutter – even haul stuff to a storage facility on their behalf. You can charge by the hour or a flat fee per a day. You can offer solutions for personal storage like starting a garage cleaning and hauling service.

4. Mobile Assistant
Our lives have become very mobile-dependent with new mobile applications coming online almost every month for just about every service. Have you thought about a mobile car wash, a mobile window tinting service or a mobile headlight restoration service? Perhaps you have seen guys with huge billboards on their private van for “headlight restoration for $35 and up”. This is a growing industry!

parttime55. Personal Chef and Lifestyle Coordinator
Do you have experience as a personal chef? Did you attend culinary school? Have you ever heard of Blue Apron? It’s a service for busy professionals where your meal ingredients and recipes are delivered to you fresh daily. Busy professionals don’t have time to cook healthy meals for their family and many of them are juggling part-time jobs just to make ends meet. Perhaps you have experience in kosher cooking or vegan cooking. There is a huge demand for these types of specialized personal chef services.

6. Mobile Laundry Assistant
There are mobile laundry services popping up in almost every town in America. Think of it as the Uber for “dirty clothes”. People need solutions for their everyday problems . Most of their problems involve clutter and time management. The mobile laundry industry is a business that is worth more than $3 billion and you could easily post ads and flyers around town in penny savers to cash in on this trend. It solves a problem for people who simply don’t have enough time in the day to clean their own dirty clothes. You can charge by the pound or sell monthly service membership.

7. College Counselor
There is a huge need for college counselors! Students are trying to find ways to stay out of college debt. College admissions across the country is on the rise! In order for you to succeed in Corporate America, you need to have at least a bachelors degree. More and more students are enrolling for college, but they need your help to stay clear from the perils of student loan debt and compounding interest. Many institutions are seeking part-time college counselors. You can start your own college counseling business and assist college-bound students with completing the FAFSA (Federal Application for Federal Student Aid) and searching for scholarships. It is reasonable to charge $25 – $100 per hour for your consultation services.

parttime48. Travel Consultant/Private Concierge 
Are you an expert on travel in certain countries? Do you know the best bed and breakfast inns for people staying in the Northeast region of the United States? If you do, you could be looking at a nice side business as a travel consultant. Airline travel is expected to grow by 10% each year through 2025 and you could carve out a niche for yourself as a private travel consultant or concierge. Wealthy individuals are looking for ways to invest their wealth in lifestyle enhancement activities and in memorable and safe travel experiences. As a travel consultant or private concierge, you can cater to their travel needs and earn handsome consulting fees.

9. Social Media Account Manager
There is a huge demand for social media managers in almost every industry and almost every Fortune 500 company is looking for social media account managers to build their online reputation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you have a huge following on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and you naturally love to share stories, gossip and your thoughts and follow like-minded individuals on the most popular social media channels, you could easily start your own social media account managing service or work to help top companies build a heavy social media presence.

10. SAT/ACT or English Tutor
High school students are under a lot of pressure to ace the SAT, ACT and other college exams to get into a top-notch college. A high score on these exams means that they can get into a good college, get more scholarship money and have options after graduation for employment in corporate America. If you have significant expertise with SAT and ACT core subjects, you could charge $100 or more per an hour to tutor students and help them get admitted into the college or university of their choice. Parents used to have time to help their kids with their homework. Now, parents are using tutors (at-home and virtual) to help their kids to stay on track in school and get good grades. What about teaching English or tutoring English as a second language? If English is your native language, you could work virtually from home with overseas organizations and earn up to $35/hour working with students from China, Hong Kong and United Arab Emirates (UAE). You could start your own remote English tutoring service and earn thousands of dollars a month teaching international students virtually through Skype and other VOIP software.

You should start making 2017 a great year from this Moment by writing down your New Years Resolutions for financial, spiritual and physical well-being. It can all start with a Dream!

“How to Gain V-Speed towards Living the Side Hustle Lifestyle”


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