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home3FORT LAUDERDALE – Some of my Lyft riders have many concerns about their income in 2017. After an Election, there is always some kind uncertainty about the direction of the economy and job prospecting for the next four years. Owning your own part-time business is the best way to alleviate this insecurity by creating income diversification for the New Year.  Are there businesses that you can start with No Money? Absolutely!

You can easily find these types of businesses by making a sale and then diving deep into building a business model that works for your hometown where you can “model someone else’s success” and parlay this first sale and its experience into a sustainable business where you can build a reputation for yourself as an expert in your field. In this age of social media where breaking news can wrap around the Earth twice in three seconds with YouTube videos and Instagram Mobile GIFs, there is NO limit to your ability to reach your target audience for your home-based business. The key to your success will be finding a problem and offering a solution. If you are able to offer solutions to everyday problems, then profits will come naturally because pf the perceived value of your business solutions.

“Make Money Giving Away Free Vacation Incentives”

One of the top businesses to start with no money is house painting. You don’t need a license in most states to be a painting contractor and you can find business almost everywhere. Interior designer ads are great ways to network with these professionals who need house painters. Interior designers have a network of home developers and homeowners who are always looking to build or renovate and house painters are always in demand.

If you have a lot of experience in the field, why not start a YouTube DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Series on house painting and promote your YouTube video links to local real estate agents and interior designers. Your YouTube DIY Brez6 Videos can be your business calling card to success with just about any avenue you choose for your home-based business!

home4Do you like dogs and cats? A hot home-based business idea that you can start with little or no money is a Pet Sitting Service. You can charge $100 – $200 for overnight stays and $50 is typical for a 30-minute visit. For example, young professional couples with demanding corporate jobs like to get away for a Friday “date night” but they don’t want the burden of having to worry about their pets while out on the two enjoying a movie, a classy Argentinian steak dinner capped by a night at a five star hotel to rekindle their Romance. They will happily pay you $100 – $200 for a stress-free Date Night.  You can get clients by posting a magnetic sign on your car doors and leaving flyers in your neighborhood. You should consider joining the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. To the right, Jennifer Betts, owner of Run & Play in Maryland operates a wonderful pet sitting service in Maryland. Jennifer is a PSI Certified Professional Pet Sitter.

home5Have you been to Whole Foods lately? They dedicate almost an entire aisle to aromatherapy and homemade soaps. Long gone are the days of showering just with Ivory or Zest. Nowadays, people want to turn their private showering experience into an amazing aromatherapy experience with soaps infused with essential oils like lavender, mint, rosemary, eucalyptus and other great smelling essential oils. If you enjoy mixing various types of essential oils with distilled spirits to make homemade mists for sleep, relaxation, anxiety relief, etc – you could be looking at a profitable segway into the homemade soap industry. Finding ingredients and DIY recipes for homemade soaps and aromatherapy mists are easy to find on YouTube. Homemade soaps and aromatherapy sleep mists are wonderful income verticals of the lifestyle enhancement industry where individuals are looking to enhance the well-being of their home life. Technology is making it easy for people to spend more time at home with their families in a safe haven where long-lasting and memorable experiences can be nurtured with their loved ones. The homemade soap industry is growing like crazy.

You can take a walk down the aisle of Whole Foods “Whole Body” section and check out all of the different types of Zum Soaps. The base is goat’s milk because it is ultra-moisturizing and naturally balanced for the skin. Goat’s milk is known for good fats and a pH level that is as close to the pH level of your own skin. Goat’s milk is well suited for people with allergies and you can buy goat’s milk bars in bulk to melt in glass bowls at home to create your own Handmade Soap to sell for profit at weekend fairs, swap meets and so many other venues.

One of my favorite YouTube DIY channels is by Krystal Elle and in this cool video, she shows you how to make Lavender Honey Lemon Soap with natural lavender buds, organic honey and fresh lemon zest.

Do you live in a city where there is a high elderly population. Unfortunately, many elderly residents live alone (i.e. widow or widower) and lack mobility to do their own grocery shopping.  Thanks to Square and the Paypal Card Reader, you could easily set up a grocery shopping and delivery service where residents pay a nominal 7 – 10% service fee with an option to tip directly with their credit card.

home7Many home-based business experts consider home-based grocery delivery services to be the next big “Uber” business model behind the popular hot food delivery services like GrubHub and Seamless. As more and more baby boomers retire, the elderly need these types of “Uber-like” services to take care of their errands and groceries to maintain the quality of lifestyle they are used to enjoying every day even as they get older. You should try to make some easy cash on the side. It will save you marketing costs and you can start  when you are ready to get started completing tasks.

If you are looking for ideas about how to start a grocery delivery service online, you can check out We Shop and Deliver, a great grocery delivery service operating out of Grand Junction, Colorado. People reach out to them to let them know their unique needs for grocery home delivery and they customize a great plan based on people needing their groceries delivered a few times a week.

The home-based business industry is booming with a lot of different types of opportunities. Social media is fueling the growth of these types of businesses because businesses are able to target their customers pretty easily by posting DIY videos on YouTube and short clips on Instagram to gain followers and build a customer base.  You can start creating your DIY YouTube Video Series with a good smartphone like the Samsung Note 4 or the iPhone 6 and upload directly to YouTube.

Ultimately, finding a great home-based business starts with making your first sale (i.e. hiring a pet sitter or buying a homemade soap infused with mint and lavender for an exciting shower experience), then dive deep into understanding what makes the product or service tick in the minds of its consumers, learning how to “model someone else’s success” and then digesting and tweaking your experience of your “first sale” into your own sustainable and profitable business model. Start small and think big!

inner_circle_75How to Become a Master Candle Maker for Fun or Profit. Learn how to make wonderful smelling candles. You will learn how to make different kinds of candles, therapeutic candles using essential oils and the principles of aromatherapy and all of the secrets of the pros with special techniques and tricks. Learn how to start your own candle-making business without huge advertising fees. Candle Making is a $3 Billion Industry! Discover for yourself the wonders of Candle Making.

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