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FORT LAUDERDALE – With the job market in a unique state of flux especially after the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, more and more job seekers and entrepreneurs are turning to the Internet to educate themselves and to master the Art of Financial Independence than ever before!

cj101If you are new to making money online, one of the oldest and most reliable companies for just about anyone with a website and a little knowledge of HTML to make money is Commission Junction ( Having worked with CJ over the years to earn money with a variety of affiliate offers, it comes at no surprise that Commission Junction is still well-regarded as simply “one of the easiest and best ways to make money on the Internet”.

Here are the basics of this powerful giant in the affiliate marketing industry: Commission Junction works with a variety of companies that offer affiliate commission payouts to publishers (i.e. website owners) who want to monetize their traffic with affiliate links that pay 5% – 75% or more of the sale originated from the publishers web traffic. So, if you’re receiving traffic from Google for unique long-tailed keyword phrases like “apply for a personal loan” or “get a private consumer loan”, your visitors are more inclined to be interested in an affiliate offer from or

So, you have a website and perhaps you have a small PPC (Pay-per-click) Campaign with Google that costs a few dollars a month that produces highly-targeted clicks and you are making a little money with various offers, what’s next? Well, you should seriously consider Commission Junction and creating a few keyword-matched landing pages to maximize conversions and profits from your PPC campaign. If you have an online salesletter that you split A/B tested up the wazoo and it’s finally converting at 2% (clicks to sale), you can DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your profits by developing unique articles for keyword-matched landing pages and install Commission Junction offers as sidebar widgets to monetize each landing page.

cj102The first step to take advantage of this two-step process (assuming you already have a blog or website and have an active Google PPC campaign) is to do an SEO Analysis Report of your website and then research the top 15 websites in your product or service “niche” and study where their traffic is originated from and then find low competition, highly targeted three and four word longtail keyword phrases to code each keyword matched landing page with your current PPC campaign using any one of several Keyword Tracker tools online.

Jim Gianoglio of has some great ideas about how to use matching keywords with landings pages, “(1) get an idea of which keywords the pages already get traffic from, (2) check that the organic keywords sending traffic to a page are the keywords that you’re optimizing or link building for, (3) to match your landing pages with the keywords used to get to those pages, it’s become much easier to do with the recent release of the new Google Analytics features – specifically Secondary Dimensions.”

cj3If you have ever visited the Wishpond by ONQ Marketing, Quentin A. delivers powerful ideas for optimizing SEO on your website, “use good meta tags – meta tags are the key things Google reads on your site, they’re all that HTMLy stuff, like – use them for your Title, Keywords and Description attributes, make sure to use clear title tags to make it easy for Google to understand what your page is about. Use one title tag for your page, and include your top keywords in it, match your content and title tags. Use the keywords you have in your title tags within your page content, watch your words in your landing page URL – the website address you use as your Destination URL is super important to the performance of your ad.”

The key to making money with affiliate offers from Commission Junction if you are using PPC is to check the relevance of ads to keywords and relevance of landing pages to ads and keywords. Being able to nail relevancy at the basic level is important for maximizing Commission Junction profitability with keyword matched landing pages for optimum PPC and SEO marketing. Stick to the fundamentals with your website and check the tags on your Keyword Matched Landing Pages and focus on a simple question, “Do your keywords match what people are typing in the search box?”. If you focus on this fundamental, then you will see spectacular results in your SEO conversions and higher earnings with your PPC campaign.


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