Job Ninja 2.0 Stardate 94691.4 How to Gain V-Speed Towards Living the Side-Hustle Lifestyle!

FORT LAUDERDALE – As an avid Lyft and Uber Driver Partner, not a day goes by when a rider isn’t intrigued by their most common question, “so do you do this full-time or part-time?” or “do you drive full-time or you have another job?”. Well, the answer to both is Yes, Yes and “Yes, I can!” (to capture the spirit of the book, “The Audacity of Hope” by our 44th President of the United States).

For most ridesharing entrepreneurs, ridesharing is a very lucrative side hustle that offers benefits such as creating a flexible schedule, instant access to ride earnings, access to health care management resources like Stride, and so much more. Need new tires? Why not use your Uber Momentum Partner # at vendor partners like Tire Plus for instant discounts!

Thanks to the competitive marketplace and innovation, Lyft and Uber strive to innovate with great app updates that continue to amaze, including Queue System while On a Trip, Scheduled rides up to 7 days in advance (Lyft), Tipping Options up to 24 hours after completion of the ride (Lyft) and those awe-lucrative Hourly Guarantees up to $55/hour in special-event weeks like Art Basel Miami and New Years Eve!


Lyft driver Andrew Kucharski, right, who is deaf, hands his keyboard to passenger. Source: SFGate.

I mean really – if you are deaf and Hard-of-Hearing – you too can find a way to income with Uber. It’s amazing that within the Uber app, there are features for turning on “I am deaf and Hard-of-Hearing” and the app comes ALIVE with visually-enhanced alerts during ride requests for hearing-impaired Uber Driver Partners. Even if you are hearing-impaired you can still turn your love of driving into a side-hustle with the possibility of earning a full-time income!

Innovation brings forth opportunity in a New World! The side hustle economy is here to stay and how sweet it is! But it isn’t without its challenges!  Gaining the Vr (“rotation speed”) needed to lift off into the Side Hustle Lifestyle isn’t easy. Imagine for a moment the paradigm shift that one experiences in their deepest subconscious when they finally can arrive at working in real-time and getting paid instantly in a flash once or even twice a day with Lyft’s Express Pay or Uber’s Instant Pay! Yesterdays limitations and boundaries of “the bi-weekly check” are gone forever!

The Side Hustle Lifestyle (“gig economy”) is here to stay — just last week, one of my riders, Alberto from Costa Rica said he uses Lyft at least 4 times a day to go to coffee shops and libraries to use their Wi-Fi as he turned his side hustle into his full-time “income source” doing Spanish-to-English Translations online where he gets paid several times per a week. With technology and innovation streamlining work delivery (i.e. Upwork) and payment processing options (i.e. Paypal, Vermo, etc.), just about anyone with a laptop, a smartphone and a Debit Card can earn side hustle income.

So what is this thing called “V-Speed”. As a Lyft driver earning most of my full-time income at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and Miami International Airport, I see rotation speed (Vr) every day. For example, when a Boeing 777 aircraft is cleared for takeoff and the pilot engages full throttle on Runway 9L at KFLL (Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport), the pilot’s ultimate goal is to gain rotation speed (Vr) — the point when the plane will accelerate until it reaches a safe initial flying speed and the pilot can then rotate the vehicle to an attitude to produce climb lift and it will ascend from the ground.

Just before obtaining Vr speed, there is a stage called V1 speed where its safe abort decision speed and below this speed the take-off can be safely aborted. After this there will not be sufficient runway length to allow the aircraft to decelerate to a stop.

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Perhaps your V1 stage is working only 20 hours on the Lyft app and only pocketing $350 a week and it’s just not enough to make ends meet and your “I Quit” numbers are just not adding up and you return to Corporate “9-to-5”. It’s okay – it happens to the best of us.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 – “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.”

Perhaps you were not ready to attain Vr speed and lift off into the Side Hustle Lifestyle. Maybe your time is 6 months from now….maybe even 1 year from now. Maybe it’s next week, if you ramp up with 35 hours on the Lyft app and start earning $600 a week after expenses. Does that work for your “I Quit” numbers?


Photo Courtesy of Aerodynamics for Students.

There are so many analogies that can be drawn from aerodynamics to the momentum needed to escape the limitations of “9-to-5 with 1/2 hour for lunch” where you achieve “I Quit” Numbers and start living the Side Hustle Lifestyle. For some people, based on their skill set, they might need more than one side hustle to gain their Vr (“rotation speed”) to spread their wings and achieve freedom of the Side Hustle Lifestyle. It’s not easy but with a Plan, your Dreams can take flight. Every pilot prior to entering the cockpit files a Flight Plan and makes the necessary preparations and inspection of his or her aircraft before taking their plane into the skies. If you want to fly high with your Dreams of Living the Side Hustle Lifestyle, you need a Flight Plan! “You can sign up for Lyft today and Lyft Yourself Up”. You only need to file a Plan and to inspect your vehicle and make sure that it’s operating well — tires (“check”), engine (“check”), oil level (“check”).

According to La Papillon who lives in Singapore and works as a tutor, “Side hustles are a common topic…they are a great way to increase income and subsequently boost savings and ultimately shorten the journey to financial independence.” Do you notice a pattern with entrepreneurs who turn their side hustle into full-time income? They offer a service that can be delivered quickly such as tutoring or translation. Perhaps you are bilingual or excel in programming — why not register with Upwork (formerly eLance) and start offering your services online as a freelancer and get paid fast.

One of the top side hustles in the gig economy right now (other than driving for Lyft or Uber) is It’s a place where you can run small tasks for others such as grocery shopping and moving services and get paid fast via Paypal. Here’s another great idea — why not become a PostMate and deliver food with their on-demand platform. Some PostMates are earning around $20 per a hour delivering food. In cities like New York and San Francisco where the PostMate service is extremely popular, you are guaranteed to earn up to $1,000 per 60 deliveries! To maximize your earnings, sign up to drive for Uber for Instant Pay.

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The sky is really the limit to what your side hustle can be. How about becoming a Virtual Assistant or Travel Concierge. If you enjoy writing and social media, you can help other people run their websites and if you have experience in hospitality management or you are a seasoned traveler or have impressive knowledge of a spectacular vacation hotspot, you can become a Travel Concierge where you offer life-enhancement advice for the wealthy on travel accommodations and excursions! Costa Rica is beautiful and flights are leaving from Fort Lauderdale every day!

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According to the Penny Hoarder with over 6,100,000 subscribers, if you are an amateur photographer, you can start a side hustle by selling pictures to stock photography websites like ShutterStock and iStockPhoto. These websites sell licenses to advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies to stock photos and pay photographers handsomely for the rights to distribute their work to their network of clients worldwide.

Are you a fitness guru? Why not start a fitness boot camp on the beach! You can charge $50 a week per a person for a three hour session on the beach and specialize in HIT (High Interval Training) Sessions for rapid weight loss!


You can ask Cecilia Garama and learn how she turned her passion for yoga into her day job — “with yoga as my day job, I consider my life’s pleasures as my side hustle. AFRICAN YOGINI is my lifestyle blog covering my love of food, travel and fashion”. Her blog is jam-packed with exciting life-enhancing tidbits about living healthier by practicing yoga and meditation.

Ok – at this point, you must be bullish on gaining V-Speed for lifting off with your Side Hustle Lifestyle. So what is it going to take? You need to figure out your “I Quit” numbers and create a realistic timeline and a Plan!

Once you work out the numbers and work out a realistic timeline, then you simply have to get your name out there and determine your worth. Keep it simple — access your skill set or passion, it will guide you to a Plan!

So, a year from now, where will you be? Do you have a Flight Plan? Do you want to be the Pilot or you just want to sit in an aisle seat in Coach glancing through that small window – hoping for something better?

You got this!

You are the Captain of your own DFM (“Destiny Flight Module”) and you are ready to take flight!

Be inspired today. Learn more about Nick Vujicic “Limitless“.

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